Advantage of Vectors

When designing on the web, two-types of images are used; bit maps or vectors. The end product might not look to be much different, but each type has its own strengths and weaknesses.

Vector images are traditionally used for logo’s, but due to their small file size are becoming more popular for use all over the web. A big selling point of vector images are that they are scalable  When made smaller or enlarged, a vector image will maintain it’s correct proportions and high quality look.

The method for creating a vector image also allows them to be easily edited. Because vectors are line based, greater detail can be given to images as well. Vector images also look good when printed, which makes them a top notch choice if an image or logo is going to be placed on a brochure or a t-shirt. All of these are great reasons to use vectors. The small file size just so happens to make them ideal for the web, allowing for faster webpage load times.


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