Half Minute Hero and XBLA cures boredom

Xbox Live Arcade is probably the best thing about Xbox Live. I find so many great games to occupy myself with, whether they are old school arcade titles with a new coat of paint (Pac Man Championship Edition DX), fun light hearted shooters (Snoopy Flying Ace) or great indie rpgs (Breath of Death, Cthulu Saves the World). Last night provided me with another game that I instantly fell in love with, once again found on XBLA.

I was incredibly bored last night. When I boot up my Xbox and don’t know what I want to stick in the disk tray, I find myself browsing through all the latest XBLA and indie game releases. I found two games of significance. The first was an indie game by the name of Fluffy: Operation Overkill. This game places you in the role of a squirrel (I think) in a hazmat suit who is tasked with eliminating the infected animal populace. Reminiscent of games such as Conker’s Bad Fur Day and the recent Naughty Bear, you play as a cute animal doing bad things to other animals, in this case shooting big guns at other animals with loads of over the top violence. The gameplay was actually pretty damn solid, and I actually played it until the trial timer ran out.

Sadly after my brief excursion with Fluffy, I was still suffering from boredom. Until I found on the new XBLA releases the game titled, Half Minute Hero: Super Mega Neo Climax.  Upon reading the description I found myself willing to give it a try. Play 62 classic rpgs, all in 30 seconds? Ok….let’s see how this goes. Once I reached the main menu I saw an option for old school 8 bit graphics. Turned that on, then booted up the game. OH MY GOD WHAT IS HAPPENING!? EVERYTHING IS SO FAST. THERE IS NO WAY I CAN GET THERE IN 30 SECONDS!!!!!

That was my initial impression. And as a matter of fact I was right. There was no way I could achieve my goal of defeating an evil lord in only 30 seconds of time. Upon being defeated you are visited with a time goddess who ( not so generously it turns out) offers to help you. She allows time to stand still when in towns, makes it easier to level up, and allows you to turn back time (for a fee of course).

The game then becomes a series of adventures to beat various evil lords, all in 30 seconds. It is incredibly fast paced and also incredibly fun.  You have to manage the time you have wisely, dashing from place to place, always with the giant timer in the top of the screen winding down. The writing spoofs on familiar rpg standards and the 8 bit graphics along with the soundtrack really make this a great and unique rpg experience. If you are looking for something to play on and off over the summer draught or if you are an old school rpg fan, definitely give this game a download and try it out. It just might blow your mind.

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