Call of Duty Elite

The internet is burning with fury over Activision’s announcement of what Call of Duty Elite actually is, but why exactly? I don’t understand all the rage and hate behind this announcement. Call of Duty Elite is essentially a social networking site for Call of Duty players, with plenty of tips, stats, and challenges for hardcore fans of the series. Most of this will probably even be free. However, they are also offering a subscription fee for those who want the premium version. This fee also includes all future CoD map packs. While it remains to be seen how much the monthly or yearly fee will be, it sounds like a good deal for those who absolutely love CoD.

Nobody said anything about having to pay money to play Call of Duty games online. In fact if you are one of the people who purchase every CoD map pack subscribing to the service might save you money in the long run, though the pricing is yet to be announced. I just don’t understand why everybody is so mad about a completely optional subscription fee. CoD:Elite sounds very similar to Halo:Waypoint and the stat tracking over on for the Halo series, and I would be very surprised if CoD: Elite didn’t include all the stat tracking and such for free. You can still buy Modern Warfare 3 and play online no problem. You will still be able to buy the map packs on an individual basis. Then can somebody explain to me why everybody is so damn upset?

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