Game Quest

In todays world many radically different people play various video games. Some people play Facebook games exclusively, others will only play sports titles, while some only play Call of Duty. Even with all these people enjoying the entertainment of video games there is still one group of people that define themselves by their hobby, the “gamer”. Gaming is their recreation, their hobby, even their addiction. For a hardcore gamer the journey never ends. There are always more games to discover, new things to experience, more games to play.

For my photo project I followed my brother around for a week, taking pictures of his various gaming related activities. Whether he was going to a local game store and browsing for old and new games alike, sitting at home playing a game from an ever increasing collection, or going to the local arcade to experience some of the glory of gamings past, gaming related activities make up a large chunk of both my brother and my own freetime. In a way it really is like a never ending quest, no matter how old, how new, or how expensive, there will always be games to occupy our freetime. Enjoy the show, comments are appreciated. Check it out here.


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