Games that made me into the gamer I am today Part 2

Oh games, there are just so many of you. Here are a couple more of my favorites, once again in no particular order.

Halo (Xbox) A Halo title absolutely 100 percent had to be on my list. Sure many gamers over the years have claimed the Halo series to be overrated or more recently claimed to be inferior to Call of Duty, but for me nothing beats the original Halo. This Xbox launch title changed what was expected of console first person shooter’s and is the sole reason I am a fan of the genre today. Developer Bungie created a masterpiece that elevated the Xbox console to where it stands today. A great shooter at its core, mixed with an interesting sci-fi environment and enemies, and then coupled with an incredibly fun multiplayer experience created just what console gamers needed. Going over to my friend’s house after school and playing Halo co-op on legendary was a blast. However, things got really serious when two more of our friends would show up. Things quickly escalated from having a blast to having a riot as the multiplayer was not only incredibly fun but also offered tons of customization in the game mode department, allowing you and your friends to goof off for hours. Halo LAN parities are still tough to beat and my book, and the idea of an HD remake of this classic coming out this year with multiplayer support gets me very excited.

Soul Calibur 2 (Gamecube) Tekken was my fighting game of choice for a very long time. Then a little game called Soul Calibur 2 came along and made me see the light. To be honest I don’t really remember how I even acquired this game, as I had no idea what Soul Calibur was or why this sequel should interest me when I had not played the first one. That however, is completely irrelevant because this game is incredible and puts all other 3D fighters to shame. I played the crap out of this game, doing everything possible. The single player story mode was great and offered tons of variety while the multiplayer offered every kind of mode you could ever want. Let’s not forget the bonus character in the game that was determined by which game console version you bought. Even though I owned all three systems of that generation, is there really any contest? I mean come on; it is freaking Link for God’s sake. Spawn? He scared me at that age. Link however, with his pretty boy face on the cover, made an excellent addition to an already stellar fighting cast. Personal favorites include Yung-sung, Nightmare, Assassin, Lizardman, and of course Link, who with his bombs and arrows made him a completely overpowered character. While Soul Calibur 4 was a blast, I don’t talk about the third title in the series. I have doubts about a 3D fighter ever surpassing this giant in my book.

That is all for this week, drop me a few comments and tell me what some of your favorite games are, or maybe just complain about how stupid my choices are and attempt to defend Spawn in the Xbox version of Soul Calibur 2. Let the comments fly, I can take it.

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