Games That Made Me Into the Gamer I am Today

The other day my roommate asked me a question I was entirely unprepared for. He said to me “What are your all-time favorite games?” I had never really thought about it before. I have enjoyed so many and played twice that number, but never had I tried to narrow them down. However, for this week and possibly next week I am going to try and do just that.  The games that will appear on this list are the one that crafted me into the gamer I am today and got me hooked for life. Without these, who knows what I would do in my free time. So here we go, some of my all-time favorite games, in no particular order.

1. (The Legend of Zelda: The Windwaker) Without a doubt I knew a Legend of Zelda game had to be on the list. While A Link to the Past is an incredible game and made me into the Zelda fan I am today, by far my favorite is Windwaker. Never before had I seen such crisp cel-shaded graphics and I honestly haven’t seen them since, with the possible exception of Okami. Visuals count for something, as does story, but the number one rule in determining the quality of a video game comes down to one thing, the gameplay. Windwaker definitely delivered in that department, with its sea sailing theme fitting perfectly with the series love for exploration and adventure. An incredible game from start to finish, with the only downside being the overly long, difficult, and boring fetch for triforce shards. Even with that slight blemish, it remains one of the Gamecubes shining stars.

2. (Advance Wars) I love Advance Wars, and it was complete luck that I stumbled upon it. My grandmother offered to buy me anything I wanted from Toys-R-Us one year for my birthday. Being the nerdy child I was I had determined that I was either going to have a really awesome Godzilla action figure or a Gameboy Advance game. As I browsed through the shelf of games, the cover art for one in particular caught my eye. Brightly colored cartoon characters, all riding a tank and looking as if war was the most fun one could have. I took a gamble and got the game. Let me tell you something, war is a hell of a lot of fun, especially if you are playing Advance Wars. Its addictive turn based strategy, great 2D sprite graphics, fun and colorful characters, and awesome music created the perfect handheld game for me. I own all four games in the series and I cannot recommend them enough.

3. (Resident Evil 4) This is another one of the GameCube’s greatest titles, at least before it went to the PS2. Resident Evil 4 redefined the horror genre, or maybe just created a popular new one called Action/Horror. It doesn’t matter to me one way or the other because Resident Evil 4 is phenomenal. This game is absolutely flawless. Incredible graphics that many never even knew the GameCube was capable of, coupled with incredible sound that would keep you at the edge of your seat just walking down a hallway. In the gameplay department Resident Evil 4 reinvented what a horror game could be, offering plenty of scares but also incredibly intense action as your ammo and resources were scarce. While aiming your weapon you could not run or walk, making the choice of fight or flight an important decision. Some game critics criticized the game for being overly long, clocking in at around 20 hours of gameplay. I don’t agree with this point at all. There was never a dull moment and the game kept me hooked all the way through.

I may continue this next week, or not if I find something else that tickles my fancy. Also it is pure coincidence that all three of the games I choose were on Nintendo platforms. I play all kinds of game on every system. Next time I will be sure to list some of my favorite Xbox and PS2 games. Drop a comment telling what some of your favorite games are. See you next week.

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